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Gay gets beaten and insulted for his sexual favors

2015 2015-05-11T18:30:00+0300 2015-05-11T23:53:52+0300 en The Human Rights Center “Viasna” The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Unidentified individuals have assaulted a gay in Žlobin for his sexual orientation. 32-year-old Aliaksandr (on the left) was beaten. The offenders stripped him of his clothes, tore his shirt and T-shirt. They insulted the man, shooting it on video and forcing him to tell that he was gay and was sleeping with under-aged persons. They took away Aliaksandr's mobile phone and promised to cut him into pieces.

As reported by the victim, it happened on April 28. At first, he didn't want to appeal to the police, being very scared, but then was persuaded by his friends to appeal there and register the beating. He had many bruises, 6-10 centimeters in diameter, as he had been beaten with feet.

According to Aliaksandr, that day he was in a summer residence near Žlobin. He received a sudden call from a female acquaintance who insisted on an urgent meeting. During the meeting she failed to explained the reasons for such an urgency. The girl proposed to walk towards a shop, when it was already dark. Suddenly four or five strangers appeared on the way. They asked for a cigarette, then knocked Aliaksandr down and started beating him.

They forced him to undress and shot it on video, telling they would do what they had been doing to other gays.

On May 8, Aliaksandr was summoned to the police in connection with his appeal and was told that the police knew the offenders.

An activist of the human rights project “Identity” Raman T. (on the right) adds that he knows about other cases of such assaults in Žlobin, whose victims didn't apply to the police due to the precautions related to their sexual favors.

Let us remind that on May 25, 2014 there was a similar case in Minsk. Mikhail Pishcheuski was severely injured near the cafe “Underworld” on the basis of sexual hatred. As a result, he had to undergo a surgery, during which 20% of his brain was deleted. His state of health is still poor – he is still lying on a drip, his life being supported by medicines.

The offender was sentenced to 32 months in prison by inflicting of bodily injure by negligence. The verdict was later challenged at a higher court, which left it standing.

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