Activists ask Prosecutor General's Office to give legal assessment of Lukashenka's remarks

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Human rights defender Tatsiana Raviaka sent an electronic appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus, asking to assess Lukashenka's order to “take all Jews under control”.

“During his annual address to the nation and the parliament on April 29, Aliaksandr Lukashenka said to chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Siamion Shapira: 'I asked you a year ago to take all Jews in Belarus under control.'

I ask the Prosecutor General's Office to carry out a check and figure out what control over this national group the head of state meant, in connection with what circumstances and with what purpose,” the human rights defender quotes her appeal on Facebook.

Raviaka also asked to assess Lukashenka's remark to find out if it violates article 130 of the Criminal Code of Belarus “stirring up racial, national or religious hatred”.

The human rights defender attached a video of Lukashenka's speech.