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Books by Tatsiana Shchyttsova seized at Belarusian customs

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20 copies of a collection of philosophical articles and reports "Anthropology. Ethics. Policy" written by a lecturer of the European Humanities University Tatsiana Shchyttsova have been taken away from Ihar Lohvinau at the Belarusian customs.

The book was published by the European Humanities University. Mr. Lohvinau intended to take this book to Minsk for its presentation, which was held on April 9. The formal reason for the seizure became the suspicion that the books could
harm the Republic of Belarus. A special commission will be established for making the final decision. If the suspicions are confirmed, the books will be destroyed by burning.

The texts, published in this collection of essays, are divided into two sections “Embodied Subject” and “Phylosophy and Politics”.

Within the first topic the author examines various forms of inter-subjective experience and the existential problems that arise in connection with the actual physical definition of human subjectivity.

The texts of the second section
are dedicated to concrete political events in Belarus and the problematic place of philosophy in the current socio-political context.

siana Shchyttsova believes that the especial attention of the customs officers was attracted by second section:

"The second section is called "Philosophy and Politics". It
includes three texts that discuss specific political events, including the presidential elections of 2006 and 2010.”


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