Police in Belaaziorsk unable to find distributors of defamatory leaflets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Valiantsin Lazarenkau

Valiantsin Lazarenkau

Valiantsin Lazarenkau, an activist of the Tell the Truth campaign in Belaaziorsk, has received a reply from local police department, saying that it was not possible to find those responsible for the manufacture and distribution of defamatory flyers. The administrative case is closed.

Valiantsin Lazarenkau believes that the period of five days the police have spent to look for the perpetrators is not enough. He says that the period could have been extended for up to 2 months. The activist drew attention to the fact that the leaflets were made in violation of the law of Belarus, without imprint.

The activist himself says special services are involved in the libelous leaflets. He was a candidate for the House of Representatives and people know him well. Therefore, slander may ruin his reputation in the district.

Despite his doubts that the guilty will be found, Lazarenkau has sent another complaint to the Biaroza district police department.

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