Anzhalika Borys subjected to prophylactic supervision

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Anzhalika Borys

Anzhalika Borys

She is suspected of acting on behalf of an unregistered organization.She was informed by it by an investigator of the Financial Investigations Department of the Committee of State Control in the Hrodna region.

According to
Mr.s Borys, first the investigator told her the good news: that a criminal against her would not be instigated.

“Next, he told me that they saw me acting on behalf of the unregistered Union of Poles and therefore had to subject me to prophylactic supervision. From now on, they will hold prophylactic talks with me every moths. I can only guess these talks can be related to my activities in the Union of Poles.

As reported by Anzhalika Borys, today marks exactly 10 years since she was chosen head of the Union of Poles which is unrecognized by the Belarusian authorities. Although she no longer heads the organization, she believes that by subjecting her to prophylactic supervision the authorities hint that a criminal case against her may be instigated any time.

“I think they haven't brought a criminal case only because the need to normalize the relations with the West,” commented the activist.

At present, Anzhalika Borys is the Chairperson of the Council of the Union of Poles, which is unrecognized by the Belarusian authorities. Last month she was summoned to a talk with an investigator. From the talk she concluded that the authorities intended to charge her with activities on behalf of an unregistered organization. According to Mrs. Borys the investigator also asked for which financial means the organization existed, which activities were carried out and which contacts with Poland it had.

Since 2005,
there are two Union of Poles in Belarus. After the Belarusian authorities did not recognize the Congress of the organization, at which Anzhalika Borys was elected the UPB Chairperson, another Congress was held, resulting in the election of Yuzaf Luchnik, who wasn't recognized in Poland. Anzhalika Arekhva became the first successor of Anzhalika Borys at the position of Chairperson, and then was succeded by Mechyslau Yaskevich. Mr. Luchnik, in his turn, was succeded by Stanislau Siamashka, and then by Mechyslau Lysy.