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Rechytsa entrepreneurs are planning a rally outside the executive committee for the abolition of the decree №222

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Rechytsa entrepreneurs filed a request to hold a rally for the abolition of the Presidential Decree №222. The statement was signed by more than 50 entrepreneurs. The mass event is scheduled for March 9. Meanwhile, the vast majority of entrepreneurs, trading in the markets, "Slavianski" and "Tsentralny", do not work.

According to the businessman Aleh Shabetnik, only some 3-5% of entrepreneurs are working at the markets. “The local authorities argue that we needed to submit the application for our event at least two beeks brefore it. However, we should have done it if we wanted to keep by the legal provisions. However, we see that the authorities let themselves live not according to the law, but according to their own concepts. Thus, we still plan to hold a rally on March 9," said the businessman.

According to him, his colleagues are now afraid to trade to avoid paying huge taxes – up to 5 milion rubles.

Let us remind that individual entrepreneurs are protesting against the decree number 222, which requires mandatory certification of light industry goods. According to the decree, it is forbidden to sell the remnants of the goods for which there are no supporting documents. Traders argue that in Russia it is impossible to obtain such certificates.

Meanwhile, according to the promises of the authorities, soon they will sign a new decree, which defines the rules of selling goods of light industry without documents. As stated in the explanations of the Ministry of Dues and Taxes, individual entrepreneurs who pay a single tax are given the right to sell goods without certificates, provided they are imported from the territory of the countries of the Customs Union (Russia and Kazakhstan).


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