Wave of Warnings to Regional Newspapers

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Hazeta Slonimskaya received the warning for missing figures of circulation in the publication data of two February issues. Meantime, as seen from the PDF, the circulation number was presented on the first page of the newspaper, however, it was really missing from the publication data usually situated at the bottom of the last page.

The newspaper from Baranavichy Intex-press was warned for cutting the name the Republic of Belarus to abbreviation RB in the publication data.

“A phone call from the Ministry would be enough for us to correct the mistake, if it really breaches the law. But, the Information Ministry decided to make an official warning. It is obviously a demonstration of power,” commented the editorial office of Intex-press.

An analogical warning was issued to Hantsavitski Chas.

“First, no law says that it is forbidden to use abbreviations. So, we will surely appeal against the warning. Second, an absolute majority of state regional papers also uses abbreviations or do not mention the Republic of Belarus in their publication data,” said Piotr Huzayeuski, chief editor of the newspaper.

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