Entrepreneurs’ protest leader detained in Minsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Ales Makayeu

Ales Makayeu

At about 11.30 this morning, businessman Ales Makayeu received a phone call from an unknown person who tried to find out where he lived, according to his wife Yuliya Stsiapanava.

After a while, when Ales Makayeu left the apartment, he was approached by police officers and pushed into a car. The detainee was taken to the police department of the Tsentralny district of Minsk.

On March 1, Ales Makayeu, one of the leaders of entrepreneurs’ movement, was detained in Minsk’s Zhdanovichy market and taken to the police station.

There he was forced to provide explanations as to what he was doing at the market, where traders were discussing the current protest. Makayeu was released, but told that he would stand trial in the near future.