Minsk Regional Court confirms penalty for memorial action in Kurapaty

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According to Judge Hurynovich, the decision of the Minsk district court for the recovery of a fine of 3 million 750 thousand rubles from vice-chairman of the CCP BPF Yury Belenki was legal, Radio Racyja reports.

“The court has once again legalized legal nonsense, though I was hoping for a positive outcome of the case,” said the politician. “Formally, the chairman of the regional executive committee, who gave permission for the event, exceeded his authority. He had no right to demand payment without a decision of the executive committee. I stressed that in court. In this regard, I hoped that they would try to solve the case in some other way. After all, at least officially they wanted to save face in this situation.”

The politician is going to continue to appeal the decision to the higher courts of the Belarusian judicial system. If legal means are exhausted in Belarus, Yury Belenki intends to submit a complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee.