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Founder of homeless shelter threatened with criminal case

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Believer Aliaksei Shchadrou, the founder of shelter for homeless, is threatened with criminal case.

The press service of the BCD told about it.

A district police officer and representatives of the village council visited the founder of homeless shelterin Alexandrovka village, Shchuchyn district. They wrote down data of shelter inhabitants, checked how much food there were, and whether people, who used to be never interested in before, were not starving.

At the same time the local police officer stated there could be initiated a new criminal case against Shchadrou: if there is a man, there may be a case. When Aliaksei asked him who would take care of the homeless, the police officer answered that the State would.

"I know the way the State takes care of. No one will do it and, as a result, people are provided with no assistance", the founder of the shelter said.

The local police officer noted that he would visit Aliaksei Shchadrou more often as the day of presidential campaign was approacing.

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