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Baranavichy: human rights activists appeals unlawful actions of the court on Dmiztry Paloika's case

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Siarhei Housha

Siarhei Housha

Human rights activist Siarhei Housha filed anappeal with the chairman of the Brest Regional Court on the illegal actions of Baranavichy City Court. The human rights activist points that he has learned from the press that his friend Dzmitry Paloika, who returned from Ukraine to Baranavichy, was arrested and placed in a remand prison.

In order to learn about the details of the case and
provide the necessary legal assistance, he signed a service contract with the lawyer Karnei Piatrovich. On the same day the lawyer filed an appeal for being admitted to Paloika's case, which was signed by the deputy head of the court V. Petryu. However, at the court office on administrative cases he was told that they didn't have such case against Mr. Paloika.

The human rights activist and the lawyer went to the detention center of the city police department, where the lawyer met with Dzmitry Paloika who said that his trial had been held on December 11, he had been tried by Chair of the Court, Mikalai Kmita, and that he wasn't issued with a copy of the verdict. Mr. Housha made a remark about it in the complaint book of the court on December 22.
He hoped that the court would discriminate in this situation, punish the guilty and refrain from similar actions in the future. However, he received just a formal come-off from the Deputy Chair of the court Vasil Petryu, who wrote that no one had appealed to the court and there had been no appeal from the lawyer.

Mr. Housha is outraged at such a statement, as the deputy chairman, who personally signed the lawyers appeal, was speaking false trying to protect
his boss.

In the complaint to the
Chairman of the Housha Regional Court Siarhei Housha opined that perhaps Mikalai Kmita, who had gone on a vacation after the trial of Mr. Palokia, had failed to pass the case the court office, as a result of which the court office didn't know about it.

The human rights activist asks the chair of the regional court to discriminate in this case, find the persons who are guilty of this disorder and bring them to legal liability.



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