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Vasil Paliakou: Thorough searches on the border are politically motivated discrimination

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Vasil Paliakou

Vasil Paliakou

January 2, deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Vasil Paliakoufiled an appeal to the Chairman of the State Customs Committee, asking to hold an inspection, give a legal assessment of the actions of officers of the Ashmiany customs and report about the reasons why he had been subjected to personal inspection by them.

Bear in mind that on December 28, while crossing the border by train "Vilnius-Minsk" Vasil Paliakou was subjected to a thorough inspection at the customs point "Hudahay". He was even offered to take off his clothes and shoes. As follows from the Act on holding personal inspection, it was conducted in accordance with Article 117 of the Customs Code of the Customs Union and on decision of the Chief of the Ashmiany customs.

I disagree with the actions of the officers of the Ashmiany Customs on conduct of personal inspection and statethat customs officers use a clear discrimination for political motives against me,” pointed the politician in his statement.

As explained by the human rights activist Le
anid Sudalenka, under Article 117 of the Customs Code of the Customs Union personal customs inspection is an exceptional form of customs control, which is held at the written decision of the head of the customs authority or deputy head of the customs authority authorized by him, if there are sufficient reasons to believe that the physical person is concealing and refuses to voluntarily show goods which are transported in violation of the customs legislation of the Customs Union.

"In this case, the decision
about the personal inspection was made by an officer of the Border Committee, who called his boss, after which the latter ordered the customs officials to conduct a personal inspection and an inspection of the belongings of Vasil Paliakou. As a result of the use of this exceptional measure of customs control towards Mr. Paliakou without sufficient reasons he had to change to change his plans, incurring material costs associated with the necessity of returning the tickets and buying tickets for other trains," commented the human rights activist.

on 4 December, Vasil Paliakou had a similar situation at the National Airport "Minsk" when officersof the Border Committee and officers of the Customs Committee subjected him to a personal customs inspection.

"Thus, the available evidence
and facts clearly show that my personal data were included in the so-called "lists on errand of law enforcement agencies" the existence of which on the state border is not regulated by any legal acts, and the staff of the customs committee, being dependent on the staff of the border Committee, subject me to the exceptional measures of customs control without adequate reasons," wrote the deputy chairman of the UCP.

If the leadership of the State Customs Committee does not respond properly to the statement, the politician is going to
apply to court.



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