Political prisoner Ihar Alinevich visited by parents

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Political prisoner Ihar Alinevich, who was sentenced to eight years in prison under strict regime, has been allowed to see his parents during a long meeting, which however lasted only 24 hours instead of the usual three days, according to Valiantsina Alinevich, the political prisoner’s mother.

“He was thin and pale, but this is understandable, since during the autumn he spent 40 days in solitary confinement. His mood is good, vigorous. He is very glad that Eduard Lobau was released. He knew nothing about it,” says Ms. Alinevich.

According to Valiantsina Alinevich, the harsh treatment of her son has been manifested not only by the fact that the period of this pre-Christmas visit was reduced to one day. “If all the other prisoners left the meeting with the foodstuffs that they were allowed to take, Ihar was not allowed to take even an apple. Just like always. It is impossible to plan anything there. At any moment they can snatch you for some trifle and put in solitary confinement or send to prison, as it was done already with many political prisoners,” says she.