Lohvinau Bookstore Faces a Huge Fine

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The requirement to register for distributors of print products entered into legal force in January 2014. Since then, the bookstore has filed application for state registration eight times, but all applications were declined under obviously empty pretexts.

“The inspection came to the conclusion that the bookstore, through illegal trade, got a profit of almost 1 billion rubles; the inspection took into account the gross sales of the bookstore, tells the representative of the bookstore Pavel Kastsiukevich.

The report of the inspection is to be sent to court which might lead to a huge fine and, consequently, closure of the bookstore.

We remind that in September the Ministry of Information withdrew the publishing license from Ihar Lohvinau. The grounds for the license withdrawal was that Lohvinau had been the publisher of the Belarus Press Photo 2011 which was recognized extremist by the Ashmiany district court.

For many years, the bookstore Lohvinau has been not only a place for selling books and magazines, but also an important center for Belarusian culture, a public space gathering readers and literary men.