Another activist of independent trade union gets fired from “Granite” enterprise in Mikashevichy

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Uladzimir Kryvau

Uladzimir Kryvau

The management of the enterprise “Granite” hasn't extended the labour contract to the driver Uladzimir Kryvau, citing a violation of the security rules by him this spring.

The head of the unit of the Free Trade Union of Belarus at “Granite” Aleh Stakhayevich believes that the Mr. Kryvau was fired for formal reasons: he was accused of coming to the master without his upper clothes at the end of the working hours. For this he received an admonition. Later there appeared an order of the director of “Granite” Eduard Haurylkovich, which became the ground for the dismissal.

Uladzimir Kryvau worked at “Granite” for more than 20 years and didn't have any serious admonitions for this time. That's why Mr. Stakhayevich regards it as revenge of the plant administration to the people who created the branch of the independent trade union there three yeas ago (including Mr. Kryvau). Since then, Aleh Stakhayevich and about ten other workers who wanted to have a real trade union who would protect workers' rights in Mikashevichy, have been dismissed from “Granite”.