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The policemen returned to "Dzetsiuki" video materials and props

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Detention of "Dzetsiuki" during the shooting of the video clip

Detention of "Dzetsiuki" during the shooting of the video clip

Directed Anton Tsialezhnikau, shot video clip for the group "Dzetsiuki", said that police officers returned the video materials and some of the props that had previously confiscated.
Musicians and camera crew were detained by the Special Police Force near Zaslaul on November 8. They shot the video clip there for the song "Hloptsy-balakhoutsy." According to unconfirmed information the local resident of Zaslaul who feared men in military uniform called the police. The musicians were dressed in military uniform of the Civil War times. There also were white-red-white flags as props at the film set.
"Until Tuesday they have to consider what to do with my white-red-white flag that was specially made for the shooting and is not a political symbol, but apparently caused the greatest questions of policemen" - writes in social networks Anton Tsialezhnikau.

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