Trucker gets fired for trying to find his real wage

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The administration of the private transport company “Trans-Line-Brest” fired 48-year-old trucker Eduard Dziahileu, who worked in the company for 2 years, carrying cargos from Europe to Russia, as a result of his attempts to find out the real accrual of salary.

Mr. Dziahileu was dissatisfied with the low wage (less than 3 million rubles). Moreover, he wasn't paid any money for missions and vacations. When he tried to clear the situation at the accountant's office, he was removed from trips abroad. He had to sit at home and wait for errands. He rang to the company every day at 9 a.m. and asked whether he was needed on that day. He was called to the place of work on rare occasions – for instance to bring a car to the repairs center. However, when he didn't phone thrice, this was recorded as truancy and regarded as a reason for dismissal. The driver went to court. In court, the head of the company, realizing the absurdity of the situation, proposed to change the wording of the dismissal to “agreement of the sides” and even issue a new work book to the driver in order to hide the initial order for dismissal. Mr. Dziahileu agreed, as he understands well enough that he won't be able to work in the company any more event if reinstated by court.

After the dismissal,
Eduard Dziahileu applied to the prosecutor's office concerning the “shadow accountancy” at the company. The prosecutor's office forwarded the documents to the department for work, and then – to the Brest City Executive Committee, where they disappeared. He had to apply to the State Control Committee and the tax inspection again. The State Control Committee responded that no violations were found in the work of the company. After Eduard Dziahileu came upon a receipt, according to which he had allegedly received 2,000 Euros for a mission (his signature was forged in it), he applied to the Economic Crime Office of the Leninski District Police Department of Brest, but no violations were found again. At the same time, during the examination on the fact, there appeared another document, about the receipt of large sums of money for missions in foreign currency, though he hadn't seen this money during the two years of his work. An investigator of the Economic Crime Office thrice saw no reasons to bring a criminal case on the matter.

According to human rights activist Uladzimir Malei, now Mr. Dziahileu applies to the prosecutor's office for the fourth time, asking to bring the administration of the company to criminal responsibility for financial abuse.