Brest: just one member of Brest City Council reported to electors

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Participants of the civil initiative "Social Office" consider it as a positive development. After their appeals to members of councils, one of them, representative of the electoral constituency No. 34 Aliaksandr Shokau, reported to his electors through the newspaper “Brestski Vesnik”.

t would be nice if each of almost 40 of members of the Brest City Council did so”, commented a representative of "Social Office" Yury Zhydovich. The civil society activist recalled that after the election to the city council of the new convocation the elected deputies had been sent letters enlisting their direct duties. Among other things, they are to provide information for the period of execution of their powers, receive citizens, meet with voters and periodically publish reports in the press.

According to Yur
y Zhydovich, soon they will make a new appeal to members of the Brest City Council with the request to make reports about their activities for the first six months after the election. “We also hope that Chair of the city council will listen to our proposal and take the example of Hrodna colleagues by posting the information about where and at what time electors can be received by their deputies," stated Mr. Zhydovich.