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Eduard Lobau doesn't receive warm clothes in prison

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Eduard Lobau. Photo by

Eduard Lobau. Photo by

The political prisoner continues to wear summer clothes, thought the weather became significantly colder.

Eduard Lobau is to be released in less than 3 months. He serves a 4-year term in the correctional facility in Ivatsevichy for an alleged brawl with a stranger. The incident took place on 18 December 2010, the day before the presidential election. Eduard Lobau and his friend Zmitser Dashkevich, who also received a prison term, think it was a provocation orchestrated by security services, RFE/RL reports.

Maryna Lobava, the mother of the political prisoner, worries about the last months of her son's term, colds and possible provocations that would delay his release.

“I really worry after it got cold so fast. He writes that every winter is harder for him. The heating won't be switched on in the nearest days. He may get a cold. I haven't sent any warm clothes to him this year, because he will be released soon. I sent him warm clothes in previous years, but they hand over winter clothes for summer. I don't know if they received them back already. I think they didn't, because they can put on warm clothes on schedule, like in the army. I am so anxious about it,” she says.

Maryna Lobava plans to visit her son in November. She says she hasn't received letters and phone calls from her son for a month.


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