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Anzhalika Borys: this was political order

2014 2014-10-01T22:58:52+0300 2014-10-01T22:58:52+0300 en
Anzhalika Borys

Anzhalika Borys

The leadership of the oppositional Union of Poles in Belarus states about politically motivated harassment.

Yesterday, UPB Chairman Miechyslau Yaskevich and the Head of the UPB Council Anzhalika Borys were detained at the border crossing point Bruzgi. The border guards took copies of all notes and documents the detainees had with them.

According to Mrs. Borys, they were waited for on the border. Their passports were taken away and the car was put in a special place, where it was thoroughly searched. “They were interested in what we were carrying with us, especially in our notebooks, notes and documents. Later they took away all our documents for three hours,” said Anzhalika Borys.

She believes that these events are connected to the amendments to the Belarusian Education Code, which will affect the Polish schools in Hrodna and Vaukavysk. Belarusian Poles have increased their activities. “I don't believe in any liberalization or thaw in Belarus. We know well enough who really rules the country. Some people negotiate about something while others persecute and hold searches. It is not always mutually coordinated,” commented Mrs. Borys.


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