Ice Bucket Challenge: members of HRC “Viasna” support “Vostok-SOS” (video)

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Ice Bucket Challenge. Tatsiana Reviaka and Andrei Paluda support "Vostok-SOS"

Ice Bucket Challenge. Tatsiana Reviaka and Andrei Paluda support "Vostok-SOS"

Representatives of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” take part in a charitable flash-mob in support of the activities of the Ukrainian initiative “Vostok-SOS”.

Representatives of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" take part in a charity flashmob in support of the Ukrainian initiative "East-SOS».

As you probably know, the essence of the Ice Bucket Challenge, as we know, is that the participants who have received the corresponding challenge on social networks should pour a bucket of ice water and make a donation, challenging three other participants. This must be done within 24 hours, andthe process must be shot on video. In case of refusal to participate in the campaign, they should make a donation to a charity of one hundred dollars. Though the flash-mob was initiated in the United States in order to raise money for a specific purpose, it started being used for the local purposes in the Ukraine.

Several days ago, the
human rights activist of "Viasna" Andrei Paluda received a challenge from the Ukrainian colleagues to support the civil initiative «Vostok-SOS» working in Kyiv with the aim to give aid to displaced people in the east of Ukraine. "I got a call from Vadym Pyvovarov, a well-known Ukrainian human rights activist who heads an organization for monitoring the observance of human rights in law enforcement agencies. He said that bythis flash mob he supported "Vostok-SOS». I am very proud to accept this challenge, because I think it's a real opportunity to support this civic initiative, something to help the people affected by the armed struggle, and the people who deal with these victims", said Mr. Paluda.

Obeying the rules of the challenge, he passed it to his colleague Tatsiana Reviaka. It should be noted that today among the staff of "Vostok-SOS» there are people with whom “Viasna” has cooperated for many years in the sphere of educational human rights programs, including the human rights center “Postup” (“Development”), which operated in Lugansk under the direction of Konstyantyn Revutsky. "We have known these people for many years. These are Konstyantyn Revutsky, Oleksandra Dvorets'ka, Natalya Trenyna, Yulya Krasyl'nykova and their supporters", says Andrei Paluda. Almost all of these activists are themselves displaced from Lugansk and Crimea, and it is natural that in such difficult times they spend most of their time working as volunteers. "The take the problems of displaced very serious, because they have also lost their homes and jobs”, says the activist. “I am friendly proud of them, because the enormous difficulties in their personal life hasn't reduced their activity, initiative, strength and desire to help people in distress."

"I firmly embrace all our fellow human rights activists who are now at the forefront,
helpingto defend the independence and human rights in their country, democracy and the value of human dignity," - said Tatsiana Reviaka in a video recorded during today's flash mob. “Taking part in a charity marathon, representatives of "Viasna" express solidarity not only with fellow human rights defenders, but also with all the people of Ukraine. Dear Ukrainians, we always have been, are and will be brothers. And I wish the war in your country to end and you – to heal the wounds inflicted by the war as quickly as possible," said the human rights activist.



Ice Bucket Challenge: members of HRC “Viasna” support “Vostok-SOS” (video)