Luninets police find no violations in violent detention of activist Alena Dubanosava

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Police officials of the town of Luninets say there were no violations in the detention of local opposition activist Alena Dubanosava outside the Town Court on July 30. The official response is signed by the Chief of the Luninets Police Department and has been sent to an activist of the campaign “Tell the Truth” Leanid Dubanosau, the husband of the detained activist.

On July 30, several men in civilian clothes came up to Alena in the presence of her husband, a number of associates and journalists, and without showing their IDs, dragged her into a private car, saying this was a preventive detention. On that day, Ms. Dubanosava was summoned to local police department for economic crimes. However, according to her, she still had time ahead of the meeting. Her husband, activist Leanid Dubanosau said that he recognized the men who detained his wife as police officers, otherwise he says he could start a fight.

The police took the woman to the investigative committee’s department, though the summons was sent by a different department. As it turned out later, she was detained by employees of the economic crimes department. For refusing to testify without a lawyer, Alena was put in a detention center for three days, despite the fact that her two minor children were left unattended during the period.

Leanid Dubanosau is waiting for a response from the police department of Brest region, where he also filed a complaint.