KGB wants to know medical secrets of Belarusian citizens

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Vasil Zharko, Minister of Health Care

Vasil Zharko, Minister of Health Care

The corresponding document was published by the blogger d-zholik.


According to him, the KGB leadership complained to the Ministry of Health about problems with getting information medical information about the people's health.

Minister of Health Care Vasil Zharko understood their problem. Several days later, all medical institutions received a written order prescribing a strict implementation of the requests of state security agencies.


"On the basis of this legal norm the state security agencies have the right to request and receive information which constitutes medical secret, in connection with an inquiry or trial," says the document.


The blogger believes that the Minister of Health is violating the law.


"The legal aspect is that the Minister personally ordered the medical staff in the country to violate the law and to give the KGB information that contains medical secret of patients," he writes.