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Homel factory on strike

2014 2014-07-15T15:45:30+0300 2014-07-15T15:45:30+0300 en

Workers of the factory “8 March” demand to raise wages.

A reader of reported yesterday that the factory “8 March”, one of Belarus's biggest garment manufacturers, was on strike. Journalists failed to reach the factory authorities on the phone in the evening.

The website's journalist contacted the reader, who confirmed a one-day sit-down strike, when workers come to their workplaces but do not start work, had taken place at the factory.

“People demanded to raise wages and return the 13th salary, but director Vasil Shytsikau didn't come to talk to them. I don't know what we'll do today,” he said and promised to inform about the developments.

The director and deputy directors did not pick up their phones in the morning. The only successful call was to the factory's general number. A man who took the call refused to introduce himself, but said he would answer all questions. However, he declined to give comments after he heard the word “strike”.

“I don't know your Charter or where the hell you are from. Anyone can phone and say I am so-and-so. So, I won't answer your questions,” he said.

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