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Individual entrepreneurs continue striking in Hrodna and Vitsebsk

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The entrepreneurs demand the abandonment of the requirement for certificates and accompanying documents on goods.

Charter'97 learned about that from a coordinator of the organizational committee for creation of a trade union of entrepreneurs ‘Together’ Iryna Yaskevich.

“Today, about 60 percent of the entrepreneurs who did not work on 1 July, have not been working still. Our good numbers are spoil
ed by the ‘Belarus’ market, but they did not go on strike. We appealed to Lukashenka and the Council of Ministers to meet us halfway. But we have not yet received specific answers as to what will be next. For what I know, Hrodna is not working either. Individual entrepreneurs in Hrodna had a gathering yesterday and decided that there most likely will be no response from the authorities. We will have a gathering tomorrow too, where we will decide, whether to start working on the weekend or not”, she noted.

The activist emphasized that, regardless of tomorrow’s decision, Vi
tsebsk entrepreneurs “will not give up and will acutely react to any possible confiscations”.

“We will also try to use the opportunity to work with the remaining goods. It must be said that in this whole time individual entrepreneurs have consolidated a great deal, and people revealed themselves, who have certain influence at markets in their cities all over Belarus. Shortly we will meet and decide,
what to do next. We believe that if the conditions remain unchanged the business that employs most people will simply disappear,” added Iryna Yaskevich.

Bear in mind that on 1 July entrepreneurs went on strike all over Belarus. At markets and in trading centers in a number of cities individual entrepreneurs stopped working due to the impossibility to meet the requirements of Lukashenka’s decree no. 222.


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