Brest resident tries to punish authorities for attempt on historical building

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House in Astrouski Street, Brest

House in Astrouski Street, Brest

Civil society activist Dzianis Turchaniak filed an application to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Belarus asking to prosecute the local officials and officers of the city's housing economy who intended to dismantle house No. 10 in Astrouski Street in Brest.

The reason for the application is a letter
, signed by the chairman of the Brest City Executive Committee Aliaksandr Palyshenkaubcak in 2006. In this letter he asks the regional authorities to take a decision allowing the demolition of the house. His request was granted, despite the fact that in 2003 it was given the status of historical and cultural value by the Ministry of Culture. Thus, according to Mr. Turchaniak, according to the law "On the Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage", the house was subject to protection by barring any action that would lead to the destruction, disappearance and scientifically unjustified changes.

Though the house in Astrouski Street haven't been demolished yet, the activist believes that there is reason to punish the perpetrators, as the domestic law provides responsibility not only forperpetrated, but also for attempted crimes. In his application to the Prosecutor General's Office, Brest resident requests to hold an official examination concerning the fact of attemoted crime by Brest officials under Article 344 of the Criminal Code, manifesting in preparation for the demolition of the historical and cultural value.

Bear in mind that earlier the inhabitants of house No. 10 in Astrouski Street contacted the local prosecutor's office, accusing the officials of Brest City Executive Committee and housing economy of embezzlement, abuse of power and inaction. Authors of the appeal were confident that the inaction these structures caused them serious damage, as residents of the house concluded a service contract with them and paid for the renovation of the building and keeping it in the due condition. However, the authorities delayed the repairs, and eventually declared the house as dangerous for living. The citizens believe that the city authorities didn't fulfil its duties in preserving communal and private property, as well as historical and cultural value, because the house is located in the heart of the city of Brest and is under state protection. However, at that time the prosecutor's office found no reason to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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