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Ex-candidate in Mahiliou seeks responsibility for hooligans who attacked him during local elections

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Aliaksei Paulouski

Aliaksei Paulouski

Aliaksei Paulouski, a former candidate in this year’s local elections in Mahiliou, says that local police are trying to hush up the incident in all possible ways.

In March this year, Aliaksei Paulouski was distributing his election campaign leaflets. In one of the houses in Mahiliou’s Hryshyn Street he was attacked by a man who began beating him and wrung his hands. When the fight was over, the candidate called the police to give them the pictures of the persons he had taken with his cell phone and the names and contacts of witnesses who saw the incident. Then he was examined at local forensic center to document the injuries.

Meanwhile, the police could not prove that this incident did take place and the administrative case was discontinued.

“I appealed to a higher court, but the answer that I received said that the period of appeal had expired. But it’s not true. When the examination of my statement against the hooligans who beat me was stopped, I immediately wrote a complaint to the Office of Internal Affairs of the Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee. As it turned out, it was necessary to write a complaint to the head of the Leninski District Police Department. A response from the police department clearly stated that an appeal should be sent to a higher authority, however, I did not know that this authority was the chief of the police department,” said Mr. Paulouski.

In connection with the vague answer given in the Leninski District Police Department, the unjustified termination of the administrative case about the attack on the former candidate, as well as the need to recover the missed deadlines to appeal the termination of the administrative case, Aliaksei Paulouski has prepared a complaint to the Mahiliou Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

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