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Dzianis Karnou: There are opposition activists, tramps and prostitutes in Akrestsin Street detention center

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Dzianis Karnou

Dzianis Karnou

In the evening of May 16, Dzianis Karnou, an activist of the Young Front’s Salihorsk branch, was released from the Center of Isolation ofOffenders located inAkrestsin Street in Minsk, after serving 20 daysof arrest. After his release, he described the circumstances of his detention, the trial and conditions in prison.

The activist was detained in the night of 26 April, after the traditional demonstration of the pro-democratic community called “Chernobyl Way”.

“I was detained together with Aliaksandr Kurbatski two blocks away from the Bangalore Square. A police bus appeared, a few riot policemen ran out, grabbed me and brought to the police station. At the trial, the same policemen were witnesses. They said that I swore and resisted when they were dragging me tothe police car. They also claimed I participated in an unauthorized event. As a result, judge Fiodaravagave me 20 days of arrest. In fact, the whole process was supervisedby a plainclothes officer,” says the Young Front activist.

Dzianis Karnou’sfamily phoned the police departments, hospitals and detention centers for two days. But everywhere, including in the Akrestsin Street, they said that such a person was not held there. The whereabouts of Dzianis was only known after an official statement sent to the police about his disappearance.

“Of course, the conditions of detention cannot be called civilized. For example, the water in the toilet had to be flushed with a bucket. It’s savage for the twenty-first century. But I am not going to complain, though I should have, perhaps. At least there was the radio, so I could hear about the same events in Ukraine. In any case, it is not the best option to spend many days in these conditions, justbecause of the fact that someone wants that during the World Champ the country was clean and quiet as a graveyard. By the way, this time it is not only the opposition that has been isolated. Apart from us, the main clients of Akrestsin Street prison are now homeless people, alcoholics and prostitutes, who, according to police,spoil the image of the city,”says Dzianis Karnou.

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