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Fair World Brest leader complains against local election commissions

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Liudmila Dzenisenka

Liudmila Dzenisenka

Head of the Brest city office of the Belarusian Left Party “Fair World” Liudmila Dzenisenka, who was running for the City Council in local constituency No. 13, has been yet unable to receive the list of voters who cast their ballots at their residence in the recent local elections.

Ms. Dzenisenka sent a complaint to the Brest City Prosecutor’s Office on April 25, after she had not received a response to an application submitted a month earlier to the Brest regional and city territorial election commissions, in which she requested to publish the list of voters registered at polling station No. 44 who voted at home. “The protocol of the commission suggests on election day, March 23, 168 people voted at their residence,” says Liudmila Dzenisenka. “In my opinion, it is impossible to cover in just a few hours so many homes (and the polling station is located in an area where there are many private houses). So, I want to check whether these 168 people voted at their residence, and for this I need a list of the voters.”

According to Ms. Dzenisenka, in her complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office she tells of violations committed by local election commissions despite a three day period for considering an application from the date of its receipt and the applicant’s right to examine the materials related to the consideration of his or her appeal. The Fair World activist asks the prosecutors to investigate the violations and order the relevant election commissions to provide a list of voters who voted at their place of residence.

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