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Independent journalist questioned at Brest Prosecutor's Office

2014 2014-03-23T12:34:05+0300 2014-03-23T12:34:05+0300 en

Independent journalist Yauhen Skrabets was interviewed in the Brest City Prosecutor’s Office, Radio Racyja said. As told by the journalist, prosecutors inquired about his work with the Belarusian Radio Racyja:

“Assistant Prosecutor Ms. Paulava drew up a questionnaire, for I don’t know if you can call this paper a minutes. She asked me two questions. First, if I have accreditation as a representative of Radio Racyja in Belarus. The second question was whether I published materials that discredited the Republic of Belarus, its internal and external policies in the media.

Yauhen Skrabets refused to answer these questions and to sign the protocol of questioning. The journalist appealed to human rights activists for legal aid. Mr. Skrabets says the harassment is linked to the local elections and the upcoming World Hockey Championship.

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