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Minsk Gay Pride 2013. Currently not rainbow

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In Minsk on December 6  started Minsk Gay Pride 2013, however, instead of rainbow news, information about events related to the Gay Pride is more like police reports.

Gay Pride organizers have faced problems in the first stage of activities. Institutions in which  planned Pride activities, one after another began to refuse to provide their sites.
Information about events Pride appeared in the media on December 2. Organizing Committee announced a series of events - cultural, educational, recreational and public.
In Minsk city executive committee was filed two applications for holding public events, one of which was to be held at the club "Casta Diva", which was aimed at the LGBT community. Despite the fact that the institution according to the owner of the club is "open to all", the club director said, that he will causing the police to Pride participants if they will try to organize anything close to the club.
"I do not support these activities. People who organize a gay pride parade, once brought to the grave club "6A" (the club ceased operation in early 2013 after the conference LGBT organizations and problems encountered by owners of establishments with the city authorities - Editor.), And now it same want us to do. This is revenge for the fact that we do not cooperate with him that we did not allow them to collect signatures in support of the gay community of visitors to our club. Also, I am against such parades and other politically sensitive actions that holds the gay community in Belarus ", - said club director Igor Shabetnik.
Later the site provide its premises for LGBT activities declined «Loft Cafe», where was planned the concert against violence of young people. As well as one of the most popular areas of the belarusian opposition Gallery "U" where was planned to organize seminars and trainings on human rights and cultural events. 
Cause of failure was the focus of activities, namely, protection of the rights and interests of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Belarus.
December 7. During the performance of "Free Theatre", which was held in the framework of Gay Pride at the venue came police, policmens said that they received a "signal" that in this room are going gay event.
Same evening, police came and the room where there was a Gay Pride organizing committee. Policemen copied passport data of all 7 persons who was in the room. One of the committee member were detained for a «chat» with polismens. A short time later he was released.
Evening, December 7, received information that the parties that are targeted to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Minsk, have been canceled.
Administration of night clubs, which planned LGBT parties, canceled all events for "technical problems." In one institution burst "sewer", another  had just "problems", and the third the police would not let the people.
Administration restaurant «Casa Agustin Lopez» abolished Pride party. This happened a few hours before the planned event in which was to be held awarding winners of "Miss & Mister Tolerance." The reason for cancellation of the event according to the administration of the restaurant was "torn sewer", although, as it turned out, the evening the restaurant was working normally.
Besides, did not take place, and other recreational activities that had nothing to do with Gay Pride, but were aimed at the LGBT community of Minsk. Was cancelled a party in Club «Alex» and in the club «Boston»
To the club "Boston" police came to the top of the party and people just were not allowed into the institution, and in the club "Alex" because of "technical problems".
Working there is only one club "Casta Diva", but some LGBT activists were prevented, to avoid problems with the police.
To be continued ...


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