Another person put to mental hospital over criticism of authorities

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Valiantsin Kavalchuk

Valiantsin Kavalchuk

Valiantsin Kavalchuk, resident of Ivatsevichy district, was placed in a mental hospital for a week. After a week in hospital he was diagnosed with delusional disorder, but discharged, as no treatment was required. However, he has to remain under the supervision of a local psychiatrist.

When Valiantsin Kavalchuk asked an employee of the mental hospital, why he had received such a diagnosis, the latter said that was because Mr. Kavalchuk had been writing too many complaints.

Back in 2011, Ivatsevichy police department three times tried to send Kavalchuk to a psychiatrist, who eventually talked to him on the phone and said that there was no reason to send Kavalchuk to a psychiatrist just for the fact that he wrote complaints. The same was confirmed by the local prosecutor.

However, in 2013 there came a court decision that ordered an involuntary examination of Valiantsin Kavalchuk at a mental hospital. The decision of the court was reported to the man only upon his admission to the psychiatric hospital. Now, according to the documents, Valiantsin is considered mentally ill and it is dangerous for him to continue defending its position. Although the person possesses a certificate of 2011 saying that he is mentally healthy.

According to Kavalchuk, he will address the lawlessness on the part of the Prosecutor's Office, the local court and those who sent him to a mental hospital by force.