Eduard Lobau about the cold in the penitentiary: “You freeze, have to cover your head at night”

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Eduard Lobau. Photo by

Eduard Lobau. Photo by

Has the heating been turned on in the Ivatsevichy penitentiary? The mother of the political prisoner Eduard Lobau, Maryna Lobava, is concerned with this question.

According to her, Eduard Lobau called home two weeks ago and no information has been received from him since then. However, it has got much colder recently, even the city apartments are cold, which means that it is much colder in the prison barracks.

“I am worried that it can be very cold there. I don't know whether the heating has been turned on already. And it is so cold! I don't know whether the prisoners were allowed to put warm clothes on. They have a similar order as in the army, and the winter uniform is issued on 15 October. Do they still wear these thin clothes?”

Maryna Lobava remembers the son's stories about the same period in the last year: “It was very cold in the barracks, and at nights the prisoners had to put their heands under the blankets, but were still freezing. It was also cold during the daytime, as they weren't allowed to put warm clothes on. Many prisoners got colds.”

What concerns Eduard Lobau, Maryna Lobava said that he still goes to a vacational school, learning the profession of a welder.

The “Young Front” activist Eduard Lobau was sentenced to 4 years in prison for allegedly beating a passer-by the day before the presidential election. The political prisoner Eduard Lobau considers it as a provocation of the intelligence agencies against him.