Natallia Ilyinich not allowed to work in Talka school

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Natallia Ilyinich

Natallia Ilyinich

This year, a vacancy has appeared in the Talka school, as one of the teachers was transferred to the ideological department. Having found about it, Natallia Ilyinich, who used to work in this school, applied there for employment. However, as it became known later, another person was employed instead of her.

Mrs. Ilinich was fired from this school in 2011, a month after the presidential election, despite the petitions of the head of the school trade-union organization, parents of pupils and school leavers.

She worked at the Talka school for 26 years, created there a local core society and the website, issued the book “Talka and Surroundings”, investigated the national-liberation insurgency of 1863 against the Russian Empire under the leadership of Kalinouski in the Ihumen district. Each year she held the Talka festival. Among her former pupils there philosophers, sociologists, historians and folklorists.

Natallia Ilyinich is not a member of any political parties, though she took an active part in a number of electoral campaigns, collecting signatures for democratic candidates and working and being election observer.

The teacher applied to the head of the education department of the Pukhavichy District Executive Committee Tatsiana Charnyshova, the Education Minister Siarhei Maskevich and to the court, asking to rehabilitate her at work. However, all her appeals were fruitless and the court left the ruling for her dismissal unchanged.