Tell the Truth Homel coordinator urges prosecutors to punish police officers who detained him

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Valery Sliapukhin

Valery Sliapukhin

Homel coordinator of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Valery Sliapukhin sent a complaint to the Prosecutor of Kastrychnistki district of Minsk on his detention that took place on August 24, when the police raided the campaign’s central office and arrested some 30 people, including a number of regional activists. The detainees were taken to the police department, and then released without charges.

The statement to the prosecutor has been prepared by human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka.

Valery Sliapukhin’s appeal describes the circumstances of the detention, including that he was forcibly held in the police department for more than three hours. During the arrest, the police officers did not identify themselves, did not explain the reasons for the detention, nor did they issue a report on the arrest.

"During the time of detention in the Kastrychnistki police station the policemen, against my will, took my fingerprints and photographed me the way criminals are usually photographed. I believe such actions are illegal, grossly violating my rights," says the regional coordinator in his statement.

He believes that compulsory detention in police custody for more than three hours is inconsistent with regard to respect for his right to liberty and security of person and the right to the presumption of innocence.

"I explained to the police officers that I had been fingerprinted before and the database had my fingerprints. However, I was fingerprinted again without good reason. Taking photographs without my will in full face and profile is illegal. I ask to launch a prosecutor's check, the results of which should result in a legal assessment of each of these offences, and those responsible for the violations of the law should be subjected to provided responsibility", says Valery Sliapukhin.