“Young Front” member Mikalai Dzemidzenka sentenced to 12 days of arrest

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Mikola Dzemidzenka

Mikola Dzemidzenka

Mikalai Dzemidzenka was detained on 29 August, before the press-conference of Zmitser Dashkevich. This information was spread via Facebook by Anastasiya Palazhanka with a reference to Mikalai's wife.

He was guarded to the Savetski District Police Department of Minsk and received charges. The trial over him started at 2 p.m.

At first the activist was tried at the Frunzenski District Court. There it was declared that he was prohibited to leave Belarus due to an alleged failure to pay some old fines. In fact, the activist paid the fines and his wife, Alesia Dzemidzenka, tried to pass the appropriate receipts to the judge.

Another trial was held at the Tsentralny District Court of Minsk. There Mr. Dzemidzenka was found guilty of violating Article 23.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, insubordination to lawful demands of duty officials, and sentenced to 12 days of imprisonment.