Program director of Radio “Racyja” banned entrance to Belarus

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The Program Director of the Belarusian Radio “Racyja” Yuri Leszczynski, planning his next holiday, wanted to come to Belarus.

Having visited the Consulate of the Republic of Belarus in Bialystok, he received a visa denial a week after applying for a tourist visa. An appropriate seal was put in his passport.

According to Mr. Leszczynski, in 2006 he received a duty visa, but it was annulled on the border. This was short before the presidential election of 2006. However, the same day the journalist was told it was a technical mistake and was allowed to Belarus.

Another interesting moment is that the head of Radio “Racyja” Jewgien Wappa also wanted to visit Belarus as a tourist last year, but was also denied a visa. The same also happened to some other ethnic Belarusians living in Poland, who weren't given an opportunity to visit the metropoly.

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