BCD gathered 4,200 signatures for release of priest Lazar

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Priest Uladzislau Lazar

Priest Uladzislau Lazar

The organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy has already collected more than 4,200 signatures under the petition for the release of the arrested priest Uladzislau Lazar.

As at 12.50 a.m. on 27 August, 3054 signatures were collected over the Internet and more than 1,150 – on the signature sheets near the churches. The BCD collectors note that most of the priests do not prohibit the spread of the petition and don't interfere with the parishioners to sign.

BCD plans to collect signatures for the priest Lazarus until his release, and calls upon all the Catholic faithful and caring people to join the campaign "Freedom for priest Lazar!".

Bear in mind that Uladzislau Lazar was detained by the KGB on 31 May, almost three months ago. The charges to him remain unknown.