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Davyd-Haradok police raid Roma community

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The raid is described by the local pro-government weekly. The newspaper “Naviny Palessia” (“News of Palesse”) posted an article entitled “Gypsies are not asleep - and you do not sleep!”, in which it emphasized that “persons of the Roma ethnic group are rightly considered as unreliable people: to become rich at the expense of others is a “good” tradition for some of them. Therefore, the staff of Stolin district police department, within the campaign “Attention! Age!” carried out a special raid on the Romani families of Davyd-Haradok. The raid on the suspicious ethnic group focused on the sanitary condition of the housing and living conditions, the facts of illegal trade in metals and the legality of the purchase and use of vehicles by the Roma. As a result of the operation, the law enforcement officers checked 29 of the 47 scheduled Roma households and drew up 14 police reports of administrative violations. Next time the “Gypsy raid” will be held in the evening to catch more of them at home.

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