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Mahiliou social democrats sue local official over insult

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Court of Mahiliou Leninski district opened today the hearing of a lawsuit brought by the city’s office of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party against Pavel Shyshou, head of the dormitory service of the “Mahiliouablselbud” state-run enterprise.

The lawsuit was lodged by BSDP member Mikalai Zalozny after the official called the party a “gang” in his interview to the BelaPAN news agency.

Pavel Shyshou also admitted he prevented BSDP members from collecting signatures inside the dormitories he is in charge during the 2012 parliamentary elections.

Later, the official fired Mikalai Zalozny, who used to be employed in one of the dormitories. The dismissal reportedly dealt with his political activities. Pavel Shyshou is now trying to evict the activist.

“In court, we will demand public apologies from Pavel Shyshou for insulting us. We have an audio recording of his interview. Everyone can listen to the recording on BelaPAN’s website and hear him insult us. Meanwhile, we are the oldest party in Belarus, dating back to 1903. We are legally registered and we can’t stand insults of this kind,” says Ihar Barysau, member of the BSDP’s Mahiliou office, representing the party in court.    

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