Baranavichy: victims of Stalin's repressions commemorated on Victory Day

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 9 May civic society activists of Baranavichy commemorated the people who had perished during WWII and the times of Stalin's repressions. At first they laid down flowers to the Eternal Flame in the center of the city and then – near the cross to victims of Stalin's repressions of 1939-1953 at the crossing of Pirahou and Smalenskaya Streets (the place where "Kryvoye Kola" ("Crooked Circle") prison used to be situated). The iron cross was installed there in 1992 as a memorial sign to victims of Bolshevik repressions in Belarus.

"The public garden where the Cross of Stalin's victims was installed, is a favorite place of rest of people, especially the children who live in this area. Today there is a very warm weather, and all looks nice because of spring flowers, that's why there are always many people and, accordingly, much garbage. That's why we undertook to look after the memorial place and clean the public garden from litter," pointed civic activist Viktar Syrytsa.