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Barysau entrepreneurs threaten to go on strike

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Vendors object to rental fees rise at the local market.

One of the entrepreneurs has said the following to Euroradio:

"I have a pavilion of  27,8 square meters, I pay approximately 1 million 300 thousand roubles. They want the rent to become 2 million 700 thousand since May."

300 entrepreneurs of Barysau market came to work 1.5 hours later on Wednesday and threatened to go on strike for a day. The administration wants to raise the rent by 102%. Entrepreneurs agree to 60%, says Chairman of the public association "Perspective" Anatol Shumchanka.

In the morning on April 17 there was a meeting, attended by the director of the market. However, the head of the district consumer association was absent - he left for a business trip. Therefore, the entrepreneurs invited him to attend the next meeting in a week through the market director.

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