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Henik Loika's victory

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After the protest action held by architect Henik Loika near Minsk gymnasium #4, the educational establishment was prescribed to return to the Belarusian language of instruction.

The matter is that last year the gymnasium administration introduced changes to its charter without informing the parents of the pupils. As a result, the only gymnasium with the Belarusian language of instruction was turned into an educational establishment with two languages: Russian and Belarusian. A part of the parents were dissatisfied with this circumstance and required explanations from the administration of the gymnasium and higher state organs.

On 21 February, the International Day of Mother Tongue, well-known sculptor Henik Loika came to the gymnasium where three his children studied, with the poster "Greetings on the International Mother Tongue Day! Gymnasium #4 was the last school with the Belarusian language of instruction". Henik Loika was quickly detained by police and subsequently sentenced to 5 days of arrest for "violation of the rules of organizing and holding mass events".

At the same time, parents of other pupils started collecting signatures for a review of the language part of the charter. Having collected several dozens of signatures they passed them to Frunzenski District Educational Department of Minsk and asked it to return the Belarusian language to the gymnasium. the educational department issued an appropriate prescription to the gymnasium administration and by 15 April the latter is to apply to the Education Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee with a petition for the introduction of the necessary amendments to its charter.

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