Bailiffs confiscate TV set from Bialiatski's family

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Mikhail Hastela, a bailiff of Partyzanski District Court of Minsk, confiscated a TV set from Natallia Pinchuk, wife of political prisoner Ales Bialiatski.

According to Natallia Pinchuk, the TV set was distrained by an officer of the Financial Investigations Department almost two years ago.

"The bailiff came to draw up the act of confiscation of the distrained assets (in this case – a TV set) for the third time. The act was composed and the TV set was confiscated. The TV set was distrained for the first time during a search conducted by officers of the Financial Investigation Department back on 4 August 2011, and for the second – on 15 March 2012, by Partyzanski District Court of Minsk.

The act of confiscation of the TV set was written on a distrainment blank. At first the bailiff didn't let Natallia Pinchuk to put down a remark on it in an appropriate graph and agreed to it only after her decisive protests.

Natallia considers this situation as a continuation of the pressure on Ales Bialiatski. She states that the behavior of the Belarusian authorities remains unchanged.

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