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Bialynichy activist files complaints against local police

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Valery Vusik, former deputy of Bialynichy district council, has filed complaints with local Prosecutor’s Office and chief of police department of Mahiliou regional executive committee against police officer Siarhei Karytkin, who earlier charged the activist for allegedly libeling head of “Lebiadzianka” farm Piotr Bialou, as well as for the distribution of the independent newspaper “Mahiliouski Vybar”.

“I believe that I was being pressured for my active role in exposing numerous violations on Lebiadzianka farm. It is simply wrong to accuse me of alleged violations, without checking the facts mentioned in my statement,” says Valery Vusik.

“It is even greater folly to demand permission for the distribution of the newspaper “Mahiliouski Vybar”; the law says nothing about it. It is for the distribution of the independent newspaper published in accordance with the Law on Mass Media that Siarhei Karytkin filed his second report on an administrative offense. Why, then, they do not require any evidence of mail carriers who distribute government publications?” says the activist.

“I consulted with human rights activists and lodged a complaint to the prosecutor of Bialynichy district and Mahiliou region against employees of the police department, as well as to the police chief of Mahiliou region Fiodar Baleika. Apart from that, I sent a letter to the head of state Aliaksandr Lukashenka. I want the presidential administration to express its opinion on the actions of the police officers who unreasonably pursue a voter for true information,” adds Valery Vusik.

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