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Yauhen Kanstantsinau summoned for questioning by KGB

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Civil society activist Yauhen Kanstantsinau has been summoned for questioning by the KGB in Minsk as a witness in the case of Andrei Haidukou, Radio Racyja reports.

Andrei Haidukou, 23-year-old worker at the Navapolatsk-based “Naftan” state-owned oil refinery, was arrested and charged with spying for foreign intelligence.

However, the young people argue they were engaged in civil activities, in particular, creating the organization “Union of Young Intellectuals”.

Yauhen Kanstantsinau says he did not receive a writ, but was summoned by phone:

“They say: as a witness in the case of Andrei. They did not say anything else. I am nervous before going there. Assumptions can be very different. Mixed feelings really, waiting for something unknown. Now I’m going to pass another parcel to Andrei together with his sister,” says Yauhen.

Earlier, another member of the “Union of Young Intellectuals”, Iliya Bahdanau, was questioned in the case of Andrei Haidukou; he received the status of a suspect. The police also questioned two more activists of the union. They were warned against disseminating information on the case and communicating with the media.

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