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Activist from Navapolatsk terrorized over the phone

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The editor of the Navapolatsk web-site Free Region Yauheni Parchynski is threatened with troubles for a critical article about the authorities.

After the publication “Navapolatsk authorities got scared again” on the independent web-site Free Region, edited by Yauheni Parchynski, he started to receive phone calls with threats.

In the article the bans on democratic activists’ pickets were criticized. The article also noted that it was easier to receive permission for a demonstration with the former head of the town. Bu now, when Natalla Kachanava has become the chairman of the town executive committee, it has become impossible to hold any action.

According to what Yauheni Parchynski told the, web-site, in couple days  after the publication of this article on the independent web-site the activist received a call from the administration with a demand to take it down immediately.

“An unidentified person called me and asked whether it had been me who had written the article “Navapolatsk authorities got scared again” on the Free Region web-site. I told him to check the name under the article so all the questions would be left aside. To the request to introduce himself the caller said he represented the administration and started threatening. In particular he stated that if we did not take the article down we would have troubles”, - the activist said.

At the same time, as Parchynski noted, the caller refused to introduce himself.

The activist stated that he is naturally not going to take the article down.

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