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"Office Work in Belarusian!" asks football clubs to more widely use the Belarusian language

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On the eve of the beginning of the Belarusian football championship in the higher league, activists of the civil initiative "Office Work in Belarusian!" addressed the twenty football clubs who take part in the championship, with the proposal to extensively use the Belarusian language during the organization, holding and elucidation of the matches.

The coordinator of "Office Work in Belarusian!" Ihar Sluchak reminds that the activists sent a similar address to the clubs during the previous championship and received positive replies. However, the implementation of the proposals was delayed by the clubs as the season had already started and it was hard to introduce changes in the organization on the move. "However, some of the clubs promised to support our proposals in this or that respect in the new season. Now we decided to remind the football community about their promises, I hope they will be kept," pointed Mr. Sluchak.

Among other things, it is proposed to write the surnames of the football players on their closes in the Belarusian language, to accompany the matches at home stadiums in the Belarusian language, to supply the websites of the clubs with Belarusian-language versions, to hold press-conferences in Belarus and more widely use the Belarusian language in ordinary life and contacts with the press.

The activists also reminded the administration of the football clubs that football is the kind of sports which attracts the greatest number of adherents in Belarus. "Moreover, this is a kind of sports which has a direct influence on the formation of patriotic traits of character, love to the native land. This is a kind of sports which unites the people. In Belarus this people is Belarusians, and its language is Belarusian. You have an opportunity to help increasing the use of the Belarusian language in Belarus," reads the application.

The activists think that the implementation of their proposals will not bring many expenditures, but will allow not only to increase patriotism among Belarusian and extend the use of the Belarusian language, but will also raise the public interest to the championship, which will result in an increased sale of tickets and advertisement, which can bring direct profit to the football clubs.

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