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Unlawful food restrictions for Mikalai Statkevich

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The former presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich who is kept in the Mahiliou cell-type prison facility, still suffers from various restrictions and the high-security prison regime.

Trying to pass a food parcel to the husband, Maryna Adamovich found out that some quite usual foodstuffs weren't passed to Statkevich for unknown and incomprehensible reasons:

"The things one logically passes to prison, weren't accepted: almost all fruit and vegetables. The man who hasn't eaten anything of such a kind during 1.5 years, lost the only opportunity for it. Why, for instance, one can pass tomatoes, but cannot pass cabbage and carrot? It is a mystery for me. Everything which he asked me to pass in his letter, wasn't accepted," says Maryna Adamovich.

The prison administration explains it all by some "sanitation rules". However, the woman argues that in this case it is quite illogical to ban passing honey and allow sweets. At the same time she said that Mr. Statkevich never complains about anything.

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