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Biaroza and Pruzhany activists commemorate executed participants of the national liberation uprising of Kastus Kalinouski (photo)

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Civil activists from Biaroza and Pruzhany proceeded by the road of death of Kastus Kalinouski's insurgents. This is the 3-kilometer road from the village of Sharashava to the village of Kupichy, where Muravyov's hangmen executed insurgents in 1863. According to the local core researcher Ivan Zdanovich, Belarusian patriots were hanged there on gibbets along the road. The activists put candles and tables with explanations about the uprising on the roadsides.

As stated by a former military officer from Pruzhany Aliaksandr Zharko, he didn't know about the road of death and thought that such executions were practiced only during the Roman Empire.

The authorities marked the event in their own way. The police visited the activists while they were lighting the candles, under the pretext of looking for a criminal. Later their cars were detained by the traffic police who put down the surnames of the drivers and the places of their work.

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